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Ally Law Guuuuys, this was a MADNESS!! Go & show my mate Alex some love on Instagram for the DOPE Drone shots!! @lifeof_alexandre
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Leo Rautenberg I would let the police catch me for the chopper ride
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YungNut if it was so cold why didnt you wear a mask heated pants gloves and heated sweater, it wouldve been so nice
Suka · Balasan · 11 Menit yang lalu
CosmicCombos Why in the world, would you do this? This is so stupid, and then to put it onto YouTube? Oml
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JuLKaa "He's runnin' to Wales!" Omg, i can't, hahahaha
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daduzz Run 😂😂😂
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Ben Lundquist What an idiot.
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Random Guy It's like they were planning a heist but not taking it seriously
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Jack Birch Bring a parachute next time you do a huge bridge and jump into the water!!
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Lloyd Nix You guys should of just dressed up as workers. They probably thought you guys were gonna mass suicide.
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