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Oscar Matti Filip Fuck you drake you destroyed fuseys event just becouse you don’t want to go to a fucking free party but fussy payed. You didn’t even show upp
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Ms Cutey Mia You are the best
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Jaireh Gae Cruz We love u drake
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btoo chan Who’s coming after kiki do you love me?
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Saint All the dislikes on this song they do drugs
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Xz_ColdAsIce_zX 2020 I am still wondering what they spent 90¢ on....
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Tim Millen Godbless u whoever your god is
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Brandon Knipe Drake you have been my inspiration to do a lot I was always afraid to do things and now since you have doing things like this it makes me help people and do more things. My grandma recently died and i didn’t now what to do and i listened to you all day every day and because of your song it has helped me with my depression. thanks a lot drake
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Ximena Sandoval Este pendejo mato a XXXTentacion
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Gautam Rawat I watch this song everytime when I fed up from life 😇
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