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906 Komentar
sourav Swarnakar football"RESPECT"
Suka · Balasan · Apr 13th yang lalu
gaurav choudhary They both respect each other alot
Suka · Balasan · Apr 7th yang lalu
rim rimk 2 legend
Suka · 1 · Balasan · Apr 5th yang lalu
ShineStarChest Fanboys mock them, football fans respect them
Suka · Balasan · Mar 16th yang lalu
Adolf Hitler This is football, soccer requires respect for everyone and sportsmanship. Some incomprehensible "fans" are using football for hostility.
Suka · Balasan · Mar 12th yang lalu
A T28 Messi gives his love to penaldo 😂😂
Suka · Balasan · Mar 8th yang lalu
Wahyu darmawan cipOl ku messi mah haha
Suka · Balasan · Mar 7th yang lalu
LNA FTH 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍 Love it Viscaaaaa leo Visca barçaaaaa They are cool
Suka · Balasan · Mar 6th yang lalu
Adnan Kalabhai Kalabhai I respect both players but my favorite is cristiano ronaldo
Suka · Balasan · Mar 4th yang lalu
Yael Chavez I love both of them, but i think Ronaldo is better. But respect to Messi. He's amazing as well
Suka · Balasan · Mar 4th yang lalu