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Hilary Lyall 25:35
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Omarion the vloger 15:46
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Jandra Cotts 0:13 theme
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Andrea Machin B. V. G. VVv. G. V. 😭😌😩uu
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Chris Holland (26:14) that creepy ass doll.
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Tracey Livingston the final appearance of riding on a pony
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CharliesfavoritesTV 8:16 I love riding horses 🐎🐴 My favorite breeds are: Friesian, Arabian, Paint, Norwegian Fjord, Miniature, Thoroughbred, Quarter Horse, & Andalusian.
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Malcolm Carter I wish they would make the barney costume is not used for one year it includes a more of a rounder nose and disconnected ankles only in the front the costume is Givin a heavier shade of magenta and purple the eyelids are noticeably upwards this costume is a bit different to the one bellow barney costume has a square and narrow head and the eyelids are pulled down some the teeth become tabbier barney's head gets a total makeup with narrow eyes and a narrow mouth and round like teeth his voice goes down a little lower in subtraction his skin becomes a heavier magenta through to the same extent as in 1995 barney's appearance gets ruften and the gets a heavier shade of magenta and purple barney's eyes smaller his teeth are tabbier and shorter barney's voice less nursal little high less nursal voice baby bop's eyelashes are taller and are separate to the top of her eye the springs in her mouth is much more situated her upper muzzle is also bigger her hair tuft only appears on her bow but slightly in back her ears also becomes a darker color and becomes bigger her nose also becomes rounder her stomach spots Boe and slippers are given heavier shade of magenta and purple she even grows once more the costume address to the shape of an old person this costume includes a brighter greenish hue the ears are tabbier
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Joel Lew 21:45 Sheriff Riffle said oh no when it's noon
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Lester Sanchez Au
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