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ΘΩΜΑΣ ΠΑΠΑΓΕΩΡΓΙΟΥ Police must chase bikes only when they have informations that they are criminals and NOT chase bikes during a check that I have seen because the riders are normal people usually!
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Zack Brasil dominando
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Omer Dede 0.26 I saw really supernatural ninja
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Aurélio Souza the cops in brazil risk your lives and what happens??? the thugs are free on same day. The heroes have not any support of State like in EUA.
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Imtiyaz Shaikh Good job
Suka · Balasan · Aug 12th yang lalu
ロードバイク 怖~😱
Suka · Balasan · Aug 12th yang lalu
Ab Tiburcio Policial bonzinho...tem q matar esses ratos.
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Zaha String Aqsa Highly trained n brave police...
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AusarisTV 0:41 if these were American cops, they would've swish cheesed his ass into oblivion no doubt. I'm usually very anti-police because I'm an American and our police officers are extremely violent, sadistic, corrupt, apathetic, idiotic, impulsive, and even in some instances, cowardly. Brazilian cops on the other hand are very professional, cool, calm, collected, and only hand out ass whoopings when necessary based off of all the videos that I've seen of them. They are very similar to East Asian and European police in terms of how they conduct themselves and for that I have the upmost respect because they handle themselves how police officers SHOULD handle themselves. Cheers from the USA
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Đặng Hương Xuân Nice video I wish all motobiker running die, trash
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