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Kennedy Moody Suge Knight killed them both period
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Kennedy Moody Bro why Tupac and Biggie's death involved being in a car that was stopped in traffic, being shot and they were with the the CEO'S of the record company the were apart of.
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Chizzy Arky I hate tupac
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Za Warudo Tupac Shakur, Biggie Smalls, XXXTentacion, why this rapper died...
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Amura Dante A black Chevy Impala? Did I hear that right? My SPN fan inside is freaking out and thinking of Leviathans.
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Dawnet Dowyer 50 cent is the lucky one
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Gabe Gabe XXXTENATION's death
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Liam Rowson the empala was a dark greenie colour
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TakeMetoW0nderland I feel like the theory that Suge Knight arranged Biggie's murder absolves him from Tupac's. Either he killed Biggie or he killed Tupac, it doesn't make sense that he killed both.I don't think Suge Knight was responsible for Tupac's murder for the simple fact that he was in the car when Tupac was shot. Who in their right mind would be in the car if they had hired someone to shoot at it?
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alexthebeast024 My theory is that biggie did attempt to kill Tupac but tupac survived and wanted to have revenge on biggie and then gave biggie the same death tupac had. Even though I dont believe tupac or biggie are both alive
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