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Lynn Endicott When it said suge it reminded me of Suga from BTS
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Sajoon Hong Y’all know that Pac and Biggie met before this and actually agreed to be brothers again and stop the feud so that they could make new music together which probably is the reason that both of them wanted to leave their records so they could make their own. Like, have you even listened to Makavelli (Tupac’s new rap name before he died) and his album “The Don Killuminati”? Pac definitely still alive but idk about Biggie
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Mike Bubb This information is inaccurate. Amir Muhammad was proven to be innocent the informant lied about that whole scenario
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BeautyByPink Msp I miss biggie
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Lauren Buttle He got killed on yoongis birthday.... Only me who's a BTS Stan, ok I'll go
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Celeste Rubin These were all set ups stop
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Riccardo Sindoni If you ask me it sounds like the cases are linked, like Suge and Puffy were in cahoots and both killed Tupac and Biggie because both were going to leave their label, and this way either a. they would be immortalized or b. their label would. Either way somehow the 2 men come out on top, and while Suge hasnt been as big and then went to jail, Diddy has been very very successful. Just imagine a world where the 2 artists went their separate ways, maybe even collaborated?! A world where the feud was squashed by unity instead of destruction. *sigh*
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619 575 These people are so disrespectful
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Shane Gallagher A Black suit & bow tie? Maybe it was Farrakhan lol.
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Ankle Dan Is there a part 3?
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