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samira n Also this huge pot of RED soup turned into WHITE soup after adding a couple leaves and stuff
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Donald J. Trump This movie is perfect and you know it.
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nyehu09 I never liked the concept for this movie. Rat and food... It’s disgusting.
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mariofan794 6:39
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Enhale My Dong Enragement Child You do know that losing a michellin star means alot to a chef right?
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FlyingAxblade BEN
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Camille Humphrey the unbelievable part about Liguini's apartment isnt the view its the fact that he has his own toilet. If you live above the 6th floor (7th floor for Americans) in pretty much any part of the city (which is where the cheapest apartments are because there are no elevators and they are all old servants apartments with the bathroom in the hall and barely enough room to turn around) you can see the tower. Just some fun paris facts for you
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Alex Shao "I've got this tiny...this tiny little..." *Colette looks down at his pants and then back up again* This seriously happened, guys. Go rewatch that part.
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