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Remy Bartels I hate this movie they stole my name MY NAME IS REMY!!!!!
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Bram van Leen 12:07 it becomes even more confusing when you think about how the left side of your brain controls the right side of your body and vice versa
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Hello It’s me There is nothing wrong with ratatouille
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Snowball5655 :3 Anyone else see the fucking Mickey Mouse head in the soap at 4:50?
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Linkin Recker If cinema sins give a everything wrong with (insert movie name here) with less than 100 sins it means he is out of his mind
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kurts girl Stopped watching and disliked the second you said something was racist, you people ruin everything and find racist intent everywhere f off
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My Name Is Ashley And I LOVE To Animate *THEY LIKE THE SOUP*
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Emma Nice try CinemaSins but I don't think 15 and 16 match up
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Amy Wildstyle This movie is Gordon Ramsay's worst nightmare
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Doggy boy D
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