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Owe The Gamer This was a amazing it was so close to you being caught this is a sub from me
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Midnight Star Dude just stop.Your only doing this for viewers.Risking your life.Just listen to the security and turn your camera off.This is really stupid and your only recording for us viewers.I watch this in order cause.Well you guys are idiots.Dont laugh at something so serious.Dont run away and be a fool.Listen to them and turn the camera off.Stop trespassing and listen to them.This is super idiotic and you cause are real big idiots aren’t you?.Just stop and listen to the security.DONT RUN LISTEN TO THEM
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김선욱 Dood job
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Parker Hill The way to not get caught is to keep your location hidden lie when you see security hide rather than staying in plain sight
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Tricera-Ops Awesome
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Zaviar Hosein His last name is so ironic
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Robin Harris kerennnn
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Bshbsjs Shshsbs The security guards were nice so you shouldn’t have been such an asshole. No hate but kinda feel bad for the security guards
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JakeTheMemer JTM Floor is lava parkour like if u agree
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