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FilmSelect Trailer Enjoy the first trailer for How To Train Your Dragon 3
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Niraj Wagh The song is of ed Sheeran
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Bella Skeeter 2:19 you 2:23 your crush 2:24 that supportive friend who’s trying to be helpful, but is letting you make a fool of yourself.
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Seanblazing destoryer Don't cry because of this movie. Cry because its ending
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Yazin Fareed Where the hell is other dragon riders ex:snoutloud
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Ioana Bitica *WAIT I JUST RELIZED A THING* that new villain tells hiccup he hunted every night fury except his, so that means toothless is not the last one of his kind. and hiccup says 'i will never give him up'. but he will let toothelss to be with that light fury. so hiccup is actually giving him up, and that means that villain will destroy everything he loves, dragons. ('there *were* dragons when i was a boy.') and that scene when hiccup is grown up and has a beard, he is actually telling his story to his kids, probably. that's my theory lol.
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SugaMeme Vines but it thought its 2018 ..so I guess THAT THIS IS THE LAST OF THEM! :( CAN'T WAIT TO WATCH CHRISTOPHER ROBIN AND THE MEG
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Hannah Xin That actually made me sorta cry of happiness, well my eyes just teared up, but still
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nayeem hossain Fake
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Sean'sGaming GO If you didn’t know, the piano cover of the HTTYD Theme came from the Gift of the Night Fury, because you can hear the piano when Toothless wakes up Hiccup at the end.
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