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Malcolm Monster79 Baby bop coustume it has a brighter greenish hue the ears are tabbier
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Malcolm Monster79 I Wish They Would make barney coustume include square feet disconnect ankles a bigger mouth and a taller tail and make barney includes more of a rounder nose disconnect ankles only in the back the eyelids are upturned make barney above square narrower head eyelids are pulled down some teeth become tabbier barney's head gets not a total makeover with narrow eyes and a narrow mouth and round like teeth in subracton his skin becomes a heavier megemta through the same extant in barney's appearance gets ruften and heavier shade of purple magenta barney's eyes become smaller and his teeth become tabbier and shorter barney's voice is not a little deep less nursal voice BJ's head is now narrow and his snout becomes slightly bigger the head is now slightly wider the head is now alot more narrow the lower jaw becomes more situated by bobbing his head down up the eyes become a bit smaller the head of course square and narrow bottom jaw is not move within a assistance this mechisaim is long lived due to easy BJ's head is now alot more narrow the lower jaw is now less visible the three points on his cramium are also shorter and bend more backward his three hairs prouting from his hat also becomes taller
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