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Ally Law Yoooooo guys!! I'll be answering some more questions below so if you have any questions for me just drop me a comment on this thread!! Hope y'all enjoy the video!! :)
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thegodofdarkness123 What’s little Jake Paul doing on top of that van get down from there
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Travis Engelhardt Stop your overnight challenge or whatever youre doing:get a real job and be a miserable cunt like me
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Heidzzz xoxo ayeee i go to this cinema alwayssss😂🤙❤️
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Underground Fan forever Can you Romsey
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Alexolvr69 The security in bh2 is so crap
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nye tenerelli I did over night at mic donalds.
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Mr. AnimeGuy how about a overnight challenge on top of a roof? that would be pretty funny to watch... and remember to stay like a madness =)
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itsyourbabyboydan Bro's I want to see you guys climb some mountains!
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Anglo Saxon haha chill dwarf
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