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Adamental Hip-Hop This is one of the greatest hip-hop performances ever capture on film. Period.
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mason rodriguez Shutter speed is a little high lol
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Carlo Granata How many y.o.?
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Kyle Kennedy Flawless.
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The Deadpool I cant wait to see what he becomes later. Already skilled with time to grow
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fasdglkads still sick
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dragonemperor 99 1:35 damn
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Angel Soto [Verse 1] I was at the crib alone Scrambling through comments And within the process Ran into this contest Like "pretty dope" I ain't done this shit in a minute bro And I ain't doing anymore fucking microphone videos I'll switch your hopes Everybody giving out a mixtape so? I don't ever really want to listen though I'll be treating it like a discus bro I hit the goal The trash compactor When they be telling my homies to listen to it I say we can't do it without a bucket in case we pee ourselves out of laughter When you record it's a brutal listen Sounding similar to any new born with a booster missing In a new Porsche going through the limit With two doors going to the ceiling With a huge horn that blew your hearing What you've worn is true religion And new Jordan's and Gucci fitteds But a uniform that's truly fitting Is a unicorn with a fruit addiction You're too corny like a superstition You new dorks not cool with writtens You're luke warm like a pool with children I do snores when you are spitting When you perform I'm too board like crucifixion Fiction or fact? I'm fixing to fix some friction and flick to feminine fibbers till they're figiting back And while I'm configuring that I fit the friskyous filth in a track And leave it on top of your door step like shit that's on fire The rap messiah The pathological rapping liar Dope. I'm that supplier Listen I don't even sweat when I pass a fire Pacifier you suck on while you crap your diapers You little baby, and I hate these artist's groupies Cause I don't got any man I'm too strange, bizarre and goofy They're like "The way he swears so hard confuse me Less than a month ago he wasn't even allowed in rated R movies" Well I am now, damn right Everybody get out of my damn sight Cause the second I'm witnessing anybody I don't really wanna battle but I wanna see a damn fight Damn right Until the XXL cover will set it up I'm a junior now, I'll fuck a freshman up Yup, I bust You bite my lyrics you bite the dust I got this game in my clutch The alphabet is my crutch That's why sick is spelled with an "I" and suck is spelt with "U" Cause I am sick and you suck, I'm better than you Kato! And I ain't done this in a minute I've been staying quiet to surprise them when I finish But word round the town Is they heard bout me now So I turn back around and they bit it Oh no they didn't! I'mma lose it. I'mma lose it Since 14 I been a nuisance, I've been tying the noose since New sense to the industry luckily And no sucker MC's gon' be fucking with me, god dammit no!
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Crimson Eros HOLY SHIT!! i signed into my account to make this comment... STOP comparing token to FUCKING Eminem..... he's his own person. personally i think he's kinda better and will be one day. with time of course, God dam... so stick of seeing people say " he is the next em" most of you can't even right a paragraph. nor let alone spell the words right and i'm doing this drunk.... looking at my second monitor..... dam...Good night fags and yes I ranted. ALSO KEEP IT TOKEN!!!!!! i want more!
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lil bit lexi This amazing 🔥🔥🔥
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