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Emmettc93 YT He didn’t make it a rope actually dragged him towards a green screen that was the open window
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Insanityltself The jump in the actual movie was less far i think.
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Rexxer Li its a movie if im a director i will make you jump 1,000 meter by computer effect😅.
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Jaime Duran Lies!!! The only person who could make that jump is CHUCK "M@#$# F##!@#" Norris!
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Aaron Cherry but rocks can't jump...
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raynarayskye I'm I wrong for thinking that Internet Thor was going to be legit in this?
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Straight Busta Come on, we all know the internet troll is and always right!
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captain alcohol i agree with the bullfrog...
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jan gauss Come on, where's the physics in this video?! Assumption: he was running with top speed of 10m/s on the crane. 3,5m above the window opening. Adding his body height this leads to 5 m downfall. With s = 1/2gt^2 you can calculate the free falling time to about 1 second. Meaning he would have easily made it 10 m in x direction! So he could have easily done the jumb!!! Physics never lie!!! Maybe he would have broke a few bones. But in the case it's dwayne johnson, so i am more concerned about the integrity of the building ;)
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WeedkingD This is awesome!!
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