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Red Ghost 269 Feels so nostalgic and I was born 18 years after this came out
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Psyx that guitar hero nostalgia.
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traveller3211 Three letters define music....R.E.M.
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dierdriu I will never, for all my life, understand why so many members of my generation played this song at their weddings or considered it worthy of "dedicating" to their SOs. It's a great song. But a happy wedding song it is not.
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michael mata my god!
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Gonzalo Jorquera I Love it !!!!!!!!
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Goo Goo I assure you the simple prop still doesn't get it.
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AnyOneFighting All dreams are made...
Suka · Balasan · Aug 7th yang lalu
dark_shadow the hedgehog I love that they put this song in guitar hero world tour
Suka · Balasan · Aug 6th yang lalu
Shelly Tarbet People do realize this is not a love song... right??
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