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FilmSelect Trailer Enjoy the first trailer for Tim Burtons Dumbo movie
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fairunfair Internal tears from a childhood movie
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Carley and Emilie This is my favorite movie!!!!!!
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Kevin McKinnon I could honestly not care less about seeing this film. Even if it's a realistic Dumbo, it's fucking Dumbo. I've already seen the shit. Why do we need it a second time and why is Tim Burton not making his own material anymore? This is a waste of his creativity. There was no logical reason other than money to make this film. I can't see any other reason why they would make Dumbo again. It's just an updated idea with CGI, that's it. I'm tired of media recycling shit because special effects have gotten better. MAKE SOMETHING NEW ALREADY!!! Holy shit, I mean I loved Star Wars, but I cringe at how lame the franchise has become. Popular now because it use to be good. It's sad. The new films seem like an extremely desparate attempt to make a quick buck. Yuck. The original trilogy should of been the end. Same for Ghostbusters. 1 and 2 were fine, reboot sucked. Again I say, make a new idea. I'm tired of people accepting garbage based on how popular and inevitably powerful some franchise's have gotten, straightening their control even if their films bomb. Fucking Hollywood I guess. They need to change their perspective. Hollywood has gotten saturated with yes men, people with lack of creativity, corruption and straight up weirdos. Look at Dan Schneider and John K of Nickelodeon. There's no reason for bullshit. Let's normalize shit again.... That will never happen, but I hope it does. Movies mean nothing much anymore, just quick cash makers. I wish they'd make another movie like The Sawshank Redemption or maybe another movie like Gladiator or Forest Gump or The Green Mile, movies that mean something. I love movies that are just entertaining, but there's too much of that now. Hopefully they start making actual movies again.
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SniperGuy 77 The first dumbo was such a good movie that I would watch it every day And now they made a real life version of it Can’t wait to see it
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Super Luix Power 64 Dumbo Fue Mi Infancia
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Israelitho Herrera fecha en que se estrena la pelicula???????
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SilverFoxForests In the original he was dead after his mother was taken. hence the 5 crows which are symbols for death also the idea of flying to heaven to find her. His father would have been an African elaphant and mother an Asian elephant which can happen but young die very quickly. I wonder if they will highlight the horrors of circuses
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Vidyesh Thakoor Preorder Deadpool 2 here: http://www.umoviehub.com/trending/Deadpool%202
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Digitalcanvas77 Wondering what the song is in the trailer
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