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Rosyad Sankar . Setuju Banget om DEDY 😂😂
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Jgh Hvhbj Sy yakin kalau anaknya pandai pasti lahir dari IBU Dan ayahnya yg pintar
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Riski Setiadi Bikin sedih nih video
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wirnabw2013 Mbo Pasti berpisah karna beda keyakinan.. Padahal msih sma2 cinta
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Santi Jephcott Broken home is not broken? Really? Ur marriage fell apart and u couldnt hold it together, it means its broken. Just like a full form glass and a broken glass look different. U may not know the effect of this broken relationship bring in ur child's mind and future. What uve done as a dad is amazing, u have worked hard for him, but its better if a child grows with a set of parents, setting good examples in life, teaching them the meaning of holding tight to something though things get tough. Anyway, i believe God created marriage not for our enjoyment only, but also for His purpose and glory, and for our good. Also i believe ur child will grow better with u both living together. a child's achievement is not the main measurement to the success in raising ur child. Well, i hope ur child will have the right understanding about marriage and relationship when he grows up. Conrats for Azka, anyway.
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chaaarool sevi inspirasi banget😭😭😭😭
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Alam Barunawan Jaketnya bagus mas deddy 😁
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ThrasheRCREP1993TM [TYTbuild] Baru kali ini lihat om Ded mewek🤔😌😥
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Muhhamad Ade Topik Jaket nya kren 👍
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gregorius palit This time you really slaped my face Deddy... My Dad and Mom deforced like when I was Nine and that was a pain in the ass. But like you said, it really did taught me how to live a stronger way of live. At the end I could face every single problem in my life. A broken home does not create a broken kid. So cool
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