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The Plush Palooza 0/10 STILL NO PICKLES!
Suka · Balasan · Mar 8th yang lalu
VTM on YT - Official Channel if its a hero in female, then it's a heroine.
Suka · Balasan · Feb 18th yang lalu
VTM on YT - Official Channel 5:03 BJ accidentally knocked the castle down.
Suka · 3 · Balasan · Feb 9th yang lalu
James Robinson In fact, humans, nobody can ever really jump over the moon or sun without our faithful Creator above who created other planets too anyway! Amen!❤😀🎵🎶
Suka · 1 · 1 Balasan · Jan 16th yang lalu
Malcolm Carter I wish they would make this costume is not used it includes a more of a rounder nose and disconnected ankles only in the front the costume is Givin a heavier shade of magenta and purple the eyelids are noticeably upwards this costume is a bit different to the one bellow barney costume has a square and narrow head and the eyelids are pulled down some the teeth become tabbier barney's head gets a total makeup with narrow eyes and a narrow mouth and round like teeth his voice goes down a little lower in subtraction his skin becomes a heavier magenta through to the same extent as in 1995 barney's appearance gets ruften and gets a heavier shade of magenta and purple barney's eyes smaller his teeth are tabbier and shorter barney's voice less nursal little high BJ'S head is now even more wider and the snout becomes slightly bigger the head is now slightly wider the head is now alot more narrow the lower jaw becomes more situated by not bobbing the performer's head up and down the eyes becomes a bit smaller the head of course is square and narrow the version of the costume includes a bottom jaw that didn't move within the assistance long lived to easy the mechanism is not added to the performance BJ'S head is now even more wider the lower jaw is now less visible the three points on his cranium are also shorter and bend more backward his three hairs protruding from his hat are also becomes taller
Suka · 2 Balasan · Dec 27th yang lalu
Julia Maidman I️ love heroes!
Suka · 1 · 3 Balasan · Dec 2nd yang lalu
Julia Maidman I can be a superhero 1 day too!
Suka · 1 Balasan · Sep 2nd yang lalu
Julia Maidman It is a great episode.
Suka · 2 Balasan · Aug 14th yang lalu
Isabel Otero Q
Suka · 1 Balasan · Jun 14th yang lalu
Julia Maidman In the middle of the hero song, she says you could rest and cuddle up with her blankey.
Suka · 3 Balasan · Apr 23rd yang lalu