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Tommy Ross Thanks to everyone who continues to support my concept trailers and to those of you who actually know what my intent is with these trailers. Love you crazy kids and I will continue to work my ass off to give you the concept trailers you suggest. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what concept trailers are, they compile footage from previously existing video sources to create a specific vision. It’s just for fun. To conceptualize movie ideas. To give an idea of what a certain movie may look like. To raise interest and spark a conversation. To fantasize. To give you something to chew on while you wait for something official. You can say my concept trailers are “clickbait” and “hoaxes” but that is definitely not my intent at all (though I can’t speak for other creators). I love movies and I love to create visuals of what a film may look like. And they do have an impact. One example would be that the director of the Evil Dead reboot is now actually considering a sequel because he saw my Evil Dead 2 concept trailer. Just enjoy :)
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Léon papillon I have make a video of avengers with thanos
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junior 78 Tom holland is rooster :v
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Noah Tovar Awesome fanmade it's seems like as if it is a trailer
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NitsonGame entendieron???
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Siva R which movie clips are used? I want to see them
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DarkWolf 131 Destiny still arrives.
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Shanina Sharatol I cant waittttt
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もりまりも センスがアルね笑
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_Spark _ Настоящий?
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