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Tags : Black ,Heritage ,Month ,Concert ,2003 ,
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kaciayehmani iaqree w| biging02 & kondufor53. my school choir & isinq this sonq. its definitely hard to keep the peace in tune. & where are the bases ?? but good effort.
Suka · Balasan · Dec 6th, 2009 yang lalu
Lawrence Ingram Not sir! It hard to sing this simple song. I agree with kondukfor53 when he/she said it is hard to keep this song tuned. Good try though. Why did you break after buked. WHere are the basses? Keep singing spirituals. Work on Balance and Blend. Check alto notes throughout this song.
Suka · Balasan · Aug 6th, 2009 yang lalu
Deon8184 yea good EFFORT but NOT IMPRESSIVE at all!!
Suka · Balasan · Feb 19th, 2009 yang lalu