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Tags : How To Train Your Dragon (Award-Winning Work) ,how to train your dragon 2 ,toothless ,bewilder beast ,ending scene ,fight ,blue toothless ,stormfly ,cami stiles ,
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Beybladewinner 1 You suck
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Fetal Mistaken Mouse The way he looks at :20 is so fucking adorable 馃槱馃槱馃槱馃槶
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Ace Savage There's a how to train your dragon 3 now and a light furry SO AMAZING AND AWESOME
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Rene EE Drago deserves to die
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Your soul ok but when they're both falling and hiccup lands on toothless's back I always imagine the muscle strain that would cause. because falling through the air and kicking your legs down like that and holding them in place is not easy at all
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Andrew Priestly Me
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Ravi Kumar Who came after watching httyd 3 Trailer??
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Andrei Frostt Bewilderbeast looks like Unicron Megatron from Transformers Prime Beast Hunters: Predacons Rising
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Tarun Nishtala Drago sounds like a girl When he screams
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Volleyball #2 Toothless blast him 12 times but dat last one flew him back. lol
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