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Emma Harrington #facebookdown!!!! The only song to match this situation
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Michael Michelle When I turned 14 I heard this song...so much was happening in my life and I wished I was this kid, I hoped to find an abandoned house and life that life, carefree though now as an adult I know it would have been an nightmare. Still this song always takes me back to that sad part and wishing to get away
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Chevy Cam Damn you Family Guy馃お
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Ree flaws was this meant for 2012 or something
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Daniel Lion 1987 publish, probably written many years before, and the world is still here.
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barefoot191 The scene with the boy and the dog on the floor reinforces my view of how I like animals way more then most people.
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The Mighty Grady Lyrics: Look them up
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Atomic Gumbo Surprise MAGA Trump @00:32
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Jude Furr This video is so goofy
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Jesse Cole Little known fact: the kid with the skateboard is Beto O'Rourke.
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