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Tags : Alt Rock ,REM ,R.E.M. ,Rock ,Peter Buck ,Shiny Happy People ,Mike Mills ,Michael Stipe ,Pop ,
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VoltecRules Kate’s the star
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Rick Cockcroft I would eat Kate from top to bottom 🤪
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Cheetah Thunders. Great music, and (as with her Iggy duet) its great to hear Kate harmonize with a, uh, traditional male vocalist (ie- not Fred, not that he's not awesome). But here's the thing, as a decidedly non-shiny happy person, there's a bit of an annoyance quotient to this, especially when the cast of characters comes out at the end (that stilts guy though, lol). I read a James Hetfield (Metallica) interview where he said he came close to "doing a John Bonham" to his tv when he saw this video (ie- throw the tv out the window, lol).
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NealCassady is this William Sevard Burroughs at beginning on the bike ??????
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damian martin Al carojo con todo se feliz
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Jaiden DePrez school shooting?
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Katlego Bopape yesssss still makes me happy
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louaiga74 Hahahahaha this song cracks me up every time
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Kallel Roman Only God knows how sad this music makes me feel
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Markzman RIP Old Man on Bike.
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