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1.721 Komentar
Paul Max Gisa like if ya came here in 2018
Suka · Balasan · May 18th yang lalu
Targho 0:26 best part
Suka · 1 · Balasan · Apr 27th yang lalu
Tomas Fawcett dudes been killing it off the top for too long
Suka · Balasan · Mar 28th yang lalu
smoking turtle Wish I could freestyle like that😩
Suka · Balasan · Feb 20th yang lalu
Cormac Clarke It is 2018 and I’m still watching this
Suka · Balasan · Feb 19th yang lalu
Stackz Official Best in Ireland 🎤💨🕪🎶
Suka · Balasan · Feb 9th yang lalu
Kyle Mcnamee I still don't know who's on the Mike
Suka · Balasan · Feb 2nd yang lalu
Chloe B pure talent
Suka · Balasan · Jan 20th yang lalu
Dario Rados Can someone tell me what is the name of that song??
Suka · 1 Balasan · Jan 6th yang lalu
Daniel Graham Some fucker count how many times he says either bad boy or bad boys on there
Suka · Balasan · Jan 3rd yang lalu