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Geoff Ward Still think the guitar solo is to bluesy for this song
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Yalisson Tuck Conhecendo a banda, mas j谩 se apaixonando 馃槏
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N铆collas Verner Isso que eu chamo de m煤sica de macho.
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Steve Wonder hey Michael, you need to spell it correctly in your lyrics. It should be "You're so set to fail." Not "Your so set to fail." It is "You are," hence "you're." Need to fix it.
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Frank Carman Oh and also I know at the end of my comment there is a bunch of misspelled shit so here come the grammar and spelling police. You assholes are as bad as the music haters I was talking about. If you didn't understand what I wrote go fuck off. I didn't write that for you. I wrote it to get something off my chest because you fucks aggrevate me to no end.
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Frank Carman You know if you go through any fucking song by any fucking ban especially metal all you see is stupid fucking comments from people arguing over what the lyrics mean or what they think about the band and/or song and then the comparisons about what bands better or what band they sound like or what song etc etc. You know what most of you overly opinionated assholes judging everything and everyone trying to push your particular opinions or taste in music or whatever on everyone else need to shut the Fuck up. It's annoying. It's not cute or funny. It's unwanted and not needed. This is why I'm so fucking antisocial and I despise most of the human race because most of all of you are assholes. If you don't like a song here's a radical suggestion... don't fucking listen to it. If you don't like a band here's another insane idea... don't fucking listen to them. It fucking infuriates me everytime I happen to look at people's comments it's a bunch of whiny ass pussy mother fuckers crying like teenage girls at a Justin beiber concert about how this bands better or this songs harder then half of you fucks who have never played a fucking instrument (skin flutes do not count) want to dissect the instrumental qualities or melodies or whatever. Please just shut the Fuck up. I don't know why people can appreciate other forms and types of music. You fucking people can't even stay true or like a said band if they happen to do something different musically on different albums (this doesn't get you off the hook metallica everything after justice has sucked) and I don't say that because their music changed its because they can't play all that great and hetfields voice now sounds like cat claws on a chalkboard to me but im still nothers gon a gI've anone who likes their new music shit bease thats their own tdate and opinion. Regardless got me typing forever all pissed off. Again if you don't like something just don't listen to it. Not that hard really. Don't bash others because they like it. That's just being a douchebag. It's annoying as fuck get over it. That's all.
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Hammer of Justice Crushes You OVERPOWER Easily my favorite LoG song
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Max Portnoy Increase the speed by 2 to have a stroke.
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felynecomrade Very few songs can keep THIS kind of momentumn up for almost 4 minutes.
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