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Logan_ Playz Damn 29k dislikes Wow Danielle must have a lot of accounts
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Jay Smooth I showed this to my teacher I got a zero on my work
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Chicken pox turns out she hit 100 M one hi bich
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Ashwin Thomas Mathew Showed this to RiceGum Read more
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HazzaPadmore Showed this to Nicki Minaj She is now a hotdog.
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MrKalldude Why does he always sounds like hes got a cold or a blocked nose? Only me?
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PrinceAndyShow This song is trash and fuck RiceGum and his shitty music. Bhad Bhabie is way better than this toenail because she has a nice voice of singing and rapping unlike RiceGum, he’s so irrelevant and his voice is horrible because he sounds like an ostrich that tries to talk
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xd Dragxn I showed this to my mom Wait i feel something hairy touching me.... wait tf?! UNCLE STOP WHAT ARE YOU DOING
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Malik Mccormick You that sad boy 😂😂
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dark_noodle The first month fortnite this song came out
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