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Layla Layla አብሽሪ ያኔ ውድ እህት አይዞሽ አለህ ያስራው ይስጣው
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Ashu AB የሙዚቀኛውን ሰም የመታውቁት በንቴቹህ Repliy ላይ ፃፉልኝ አይዞሽ አትናደጅ''ሁሉም የጁን ያገኘዋል''
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Komche Ambaw my sister at this time world is going to be crazy. do not be made if that stupid guy posted your picture with sex stuff tell home he is a piece of garbage no matter what they gossip you are the most beautiful do not worry usually this people thief and vagabond and they do not have money and even he has no food to eat at his gome. so he is jealous on you. because you have money you work thats all. you have to know all media is not real they are sniffing talk to gossip. do not give attention for those stupid rifraf. they are a piece of trash . by the way not only you but they do for men too so no one give them attention. so please just do not worry what those trashed said. ignore it and do your job and make money . forget them. Even if you do it is not that much surprised every body has done it.
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Fowzaya Nn ስጀምር አንቺ ከሱ ጋር ምን አደከመሽ
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Abate Amare I really appreciate your confidence!! god Be with you!!!! Don"t worry in this world we live with good and bad Boys.
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Hx Hdhd እርእባክሽ .እራስሽን ጠብቀሽ አትኖርም.ሲጀመር ። ፎቶ ለምን ትለቂልሽ እራስሽን ብትደብቂ. ኖሮ ማንም.ስው አይነካሽም .መማር ያለብሽ ነገር .ተማር መስማት ያለብሽን ነገር ..እራስሽን ለምን ግን ስምሽ ነጃት .ሆነሽ አላህ ሂዲያ ይስጥሽ
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Amar Fayedd yena mar confedeseshe berasu yebekale
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micki aweke Milaasaammmmm Anchin ...... neber
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Getahun Sorsa don't make ur self aggressive
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Mouli Hagaga Mare atinadaji.yiluqunu.silkshin.pelis
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