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Courtney Wolfe Why was this one of the dopest trick shot videos they’ve done?!
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Alexander Frazier The banana was the best
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Florence Diaz Omg
Suka · Balasan · 18 Menit yang lalu
Lily Adelson Did you now that what your doing are not trick shots it’s just you being lazy
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Emirates Fan Just make a video all about the fails
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The Face of the LOL GOD Them when they make a shot: ehh thx me when I see them make a shot:.WHAKFBSLSBDKDN BOI them: normal stuff 😑
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RiseAsOne MiddleClass Fake. Not all. But some.
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ByToXiMiTo _ Verdadeiro THUG LIFE
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Horibal YT oml 1M likes
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