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Tags : Migos (Musical Group) ,Fire in the Booth ,Charlie Sloth (Person) ,
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Kya Harris I’ve watched this video probably a million times out of the 8 million viewers 😂😂 I love them so much
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Drippy Drop 1:55 yea hold on takeoff u didn’t tell us u was finna body this and make it seem like ur own song
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AJ Freeney Takeoff just makes noises 😂😂😂
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zyd jbri 1:22 your welcome
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Corey YB That beat sounds like lil up esskkeit
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Tiki Saunders I like this. Shit funny af.!😂
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Kebari Cheseman the first beat is unstoppable gah damn
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basani mahlaule Bars
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Rama Bagaskara Quavo knew Takeoff might be spiting flame
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Nick Niehaus stop censoring any words that relate to guns it ruins the music youtube
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