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jemeel adams Somebody's grandma
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Morten Andersen l like that guy that almost forgot to boogie with his robot-dancing gf at 3:16. Because shit happens.
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Pereira Silva Melhor que baile funk
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Adeili Maya The ladies' were rockin gladiator sandals back then...wow!!!! Today's fashion would not exist without yesterday's.
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Garice Veys 2018
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respawn not a whole lot of fake hair on these ladies, natural is and always was best.
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Todd Trimble Without question this is a well done, well-integrated video. And it sure brings back memories: I used to look forward to watching Soul Train every Saturday night, 11:30-12:30, when I was 11 or 12 years old. The era of boogie and funk, guys flying up in the air and landing on splits, like the Nicholas brothers for cryin' out loud. The show was an awful lot of fun.
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Steve Robinson i have no idea when this song first aired ,,, but wow what a tune / vid ...brilliant makes one happy
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Craig G Pharrell Williams/ The Neptune's has again Bite this man's style and vocal 120% Theft!!😫
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