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lenny108 why they sell them so cheap, it is so much work
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xapile super boulot ,et qui c'est à la guitare , pas mal
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Jerry Whidby Something similar is done when making plaster molding. I wonder where the idea originated? Does anyone know the name of that tool and technique?
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Verde Mar Ella es muy trabajadora.
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homayoun Shirazi A work of art. Bravo!
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John Burns Very creative indeed.When we were kids we had a yard and a half of sand dumped in our backyard and what we didn't manage to drag into the house.We used for various projects for a couple of years.Certainly not on this scale. Thank you for sharing.Bravo!
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Fazer de tudo Escrito no seu canal
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Tom Err Interesting! In bell-founding they use a similar technique to make the molds.
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Johnp Shame you skipped them turning it over
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TheDarthvader123 No wonder the always crack in the winter.
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