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Crystal Blade 06 I want to subscride fifty times🐢
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Sk8ing Nation Nice video
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Ashwin Nallamothu everyone knows that stepping on one lego is way worse than 50. the surface area makes it bearable. smh at the acting. dont get me wrong this channel is dope and a lot of the things these guys pull off are beyond my abilities, but still smh
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Curious Shaun C If i only have the money to so that i already did beat the record
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Astari千 -。 (。~。)/ /一———/ Flipped the table
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Hugo Friberg But world records are recorded in metric...
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Sjimmy Dobbelaar heel goed gedaan het was de moeite waard
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Alcozer0 Zer0 Thats the most dangerous grenade ever it causes diabetes
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conner peck I actually did it!!!
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johnclay Alvareda Awesome cool 😆
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