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Lance BOLT Aryu drippin in pinas its make nonse tangina mo
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behijabi Um ripoff of In Living Color anyone?
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习近平 童装广告
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Mars RG Yeah u heard of my single the number one hit of the world "rice grains with the sharping my blade in my motorcycle bike chain" I own the rap game my bad game but yeah I win cus my sound harder more bobbing your head yeah game sucks no offense me no bob it to u game no one does
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The Heart CLUB We used this for our dance battle in our school and we really really liked and enjoyed the song❤️❤️
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Independent Serious Tay J *tell meek she bit his flow, especially in be careful*
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Emperor Rhods tang ina nyo
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7Trenster Xx Hi
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Iljaz Iljazovski The start is literally poison https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sb2np1HGqxg
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