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Moon _dacat I ate like 20 of those and nothing happened there freaking sweet but mark is weird...also I'm not normal
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Utube Jammers Omg mark 2018 anyone? I hated seeing you be in pain mark and I'm glad your friends did not laugh
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Andrenell Pandora Johnson The ice bath cold eh? Of course it's freezing/cooling the outside of your body not inside... CAUSE YOU'RE HOT THEN YOU'RE COLD YOU'RE YES THEN YOU'RE NO YOU'RE IN THEN YOU'RE OUT YOU'RE UP 'N YOU'RE DOWN
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chamomito :D So sexy jajaja
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THE HALO GAMER Im saying thos in 2018 i love him personly he is the 1 of two that are my idols and im crying about how he did these thing for his comunity and he is just amazing and hes my hero with jacksepticeye they are my heros and my idols and MARKIPLIER if you some how read this im treambling still when you read my comment on twitch I said is 40 jimms a lot and my username was Ashleyismine1567 I just wanted to say thank you for all your videos and they've been helping me throughout my whole life the time that I've been watching you and jacksepticeye in the greatest moments in times in my life I can't I can't stress enough about how much you've helped me and I I just I just I'm in all about you and jacksepticeye I can't I can't I can't just I'm sorry I've just been thinking what if you and jacksepticeye weren't on on YouTube who who who have helped me through my times and needed I I just love you to bits it's just that's just how it is thank you
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THE HALO GAMER I hate that why does he do this we dont enjoy this
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blacki_inkk325 i wish i could've been there with him patting his back and helping him POOR DUDE!!!
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blacki_inkk325 13 mill huh? (checks count) YOU WAS WRONG IT 21......
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Kennedy Watkins We all love u so much mark and we are so happy to be the reason u are so successful!!
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