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George Philip We already passed 2 million views for 12 hours. Another 2 million for next 12 hours. Fighting blinks💪💪💪💪
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phst nguyen 205,5m views
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Chloe Kim Blinks let’s take a little 5 min break from streaming BP to support someone who supported and has been a good mentor for BP, Seungri. Yesterday, he had his comeback, so let’s be a supportive YG Family and help him to at least 50 mil this week.
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cotne furtseladze let's get to 300 M, everyone turn on the loop
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kobra abdolkhani Guys want the english Version!? just the Press the cc :3
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frh 05 guys I know views are important but can we stop talking about views and appreciate their song. Almost every newest comments are about views and I'm getting sick of it
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K D i think we can get at least 3.5m today! keep streaming!
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The kings Exo Roooseee😭😭😭😭😭💙💙
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pablo moscoso aqui super fashon y trendy con mis guantes de fregar XD
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