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Tags : Lamb of God ,Set to Fail ,Wrath ,Metal ,Roadrunner Records ,
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Thomas Hughes The drummer is a robot...
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Vokill Guys, if you are into Lamb of God, please go check out my band, I'm sure you'll like it! /FItzMkCZpMs Or simply search Desolation - Pieces of Humanity
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Madpwr41 love this shit馃憡
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leonerdo I start my workyout to this song !!! Kicks ass big time !!!
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tyler hoffman Log! Log! It's big, it's heavy, it's wood. Loooog, Looog, its better than bad it's good! Everyone wants a log, your gonna love it log, come on and get your log, everyone needs a log!
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Foni Sasmita Ok
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Lisa Ehmke This is only just amazing
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Fredy Villa All these individuals need the Lord Jesus Christ in their lives, they are in bondage, muppets of the devil, so sorry for them, their destiny is hell without Jesus
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lemoned green 銈勩仯銇便倞鏃ユ湰銇儑銈广儭銈裤儷銇ㄣ伅杩姏銇岄仌銇嗐倧 銈兂銇湯鏈熴伀銇伌銇嶃仧銇忋仾銇勩亼銇﹚ww
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John Ortiz 馃帺Excellent 馃憫
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