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Dawsonj77 girl the black eye makes your chin line POP!  i love it
Suka · Balasan · Jan 25th, 2014 yang lalu
mialatina3 Hey Pretty Girl, How was Your Procedure Yesterday ?!?!? Had You in My Prayers XOXOx Cynthie :) !!!!!!!!!!!
Suka · Balasan · Dec 7th, 2013 yang lalu
Zephyrr Sky owie! hope you are feeling better hun! love you! Kami
Suka · 1 Balasan · Dec 3rd, 2013 yang lalu
neecyd63 You party girl you! The black eye was intentional right so you were all set up for Black Friday :)
Suka · 1 Balasan · Dec 2nd, 2013 yang lalu
lucian bluewaters Welcome back gorgeous! I’m sorry that you hit a very rough patch but glad to be back on the flow (no pun intended) of things. We missed you. Well…if you are going to fall you do it in style and have a story to tell afterwards. :)  YOLO!!!
Suka · 2 Balasan · Dec 2nd, 2013 yang lalu
DSMel Hugz girl. You still look marvelous even with your new "eye art " .  :)   Hugz & prayers from me for you now and on the 5th.  <3 ya so much !
Suka · 1 Balasan · Dec 1st, 2013 yang lalu
Teresa Callahan When your going full force on DS vitamins & protein supplements routine....how much do you spend per month for the combined total? I'm single and worried the total cost to support the DS lifestyle in a healthy way from groceries to vitamins & protein supplements will cost a shitload of $$$ causing me to always need roommates or work a 2nd job.
Suka · 1 Balasan · Nov 30th, 2013 yang lalu
mialatina3 Mamasita You Only Live Once :0 !!!!!!!! Hope your Eye feels better than it Looks !!!!!! Maybe people will stay outta Your Shopping :)!!!!!!! Hope You had an Amazing Thanksgiving Too :)!!!!!! I'll Keep You in My Prayers this Thursday on your procedure Day. Love You Lots Mami XOXOXO Cynthie :)!!!!!!!!
Suka · 1 Balasan · Nov 30th, 2013 yang lalu
wandabfreen03 Belated Happy Thanksgiving!  Hope your weekend is going well....Your bed looks so comfortable....mine is torn apart so that I can paint my bedroom. take good care of yourself...sorry to hear about your fall...take care...big hugs,Wanda
Suka · 1 Balasan · Nov 30th, 2013 yang lalu
Jack Webb I love your videos and personality, it's like you have a sweet and wicked side to you all at the same time. Sorry about your black eye but glad you had fun doing it! Take care, James
Suka · 1 Balasan · Nov 30th, 2013 yang lalu