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20 Komentar
GROWING UP THINGs GUTs oh dear! no over dubs please! great story line by the way
Suka · Balasan · 6 Hari yang lalu
Perfect Abiemo What happened to their voice....Because that's not Andrew Bunting voice
Suka · Balasan · Jul 7th yang lalu
Utibe Henshaw Oh dear...no English dubbed!!!!!!!!! please back the french...use subtitles instead!!!!!!
Suka · Balasan · Jul 7th yang lalu
Hovasabee the voice over was a bad idea, i thot there was finally a series that expresses the linguistic diversity in Africa, we always leave the francophone countries out, and you just did it again, pls review, thanks
Suka · 2 · 2 Balasan · Jul 5th yang lalu
Kevin Nyalemegbe what's the point of dubbing english on english...époustouflant😐 please don't do that next time
Suka · 1 · 1 Balasan · Jun 27th yang lalu
Santine Nganji Omg this series is driving me crazy 😍😍😍😍😍🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲🇨🇲💪
Suka · 1 · 1 Balasan · Jun 26th yang lalu
zadiange90 Zadi Ange très acroooooooooo
Suka · Balasan · Jun 26th yang lalu
LUCIE NGANGUE L'épisode ci est un genre iiiissh
Suka · Balasan · Jun 25th yang lalu
LUCIE NGANGUE Mina please shut up there is nothing like sexy traditional food. Someone help wtf is sexy traditional food?
Suka · 2 · Balasan · Jun 25th yang lalu
Nelthia Ken Honnêtement je ne comprends rien ni ou va la série..
Suka · 1 · Balasan · Jun 24th yang lalu