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iamtherealak OUR NEXT SINGLE ‘Life Like This’ IS UP FOR PRE ORDER NOW! I’ll be perfoming ‘Life Like This’ along with a few other NEVER BEFORE HEARD SONGS!! The concert is on May19th! In Asbury Park NJ!!! Get your tickets to my first show ever here!! Officialak.com
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Skullcandyman14 Really gotta line up the audio with the video n ur actions man but good ass rap tbh. Just edit n take time lining shit up 😅👌🏻
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You TubeSockz *DAD:* Go down there and talk to him!! *MOM* But he *Spittin Fire * Yo
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Prototype drinking game: shot every time he hits a high note
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alexander janet fuck the xanax generation
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D Swafg Sad REMIX
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Zach Moulton Yeah I started checking this out 2 years ago and just knew.
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Zach Moulton Fire fire fire! Keep it strong and you'll never do wrong! One.
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chris collins I really don't like rap but this flow is crazy
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Kristoffer Ballesteros 666k views!
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