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Mithrennon of Aegwynn Look up the "Pop Up Video" version of this song... some really amazing facts about this video.
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Naila Rafah First time i heard this song, i am still on elementary school. I thought this song was original soundtrack of a movie, based on its movie clip. But i was wrong. It is a very unique pop rock ballads actualy. I know its about dealing with lonelyness, trying to escape form circumstances that you cannot fill in. Its so fit in me, surrounding by lots of book, because not many people can accept my truly idealism. Great voice, great tune, just perfect.
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Fatima Almeida Mas. Pessoalmente. Everybody. Hurts. Será. A. Única. Vem. Logo. As. Lágrimas. Muito. Muito. Comovente
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Sylvia Bolan Haunting song!🎀
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andy williams Trite shite. Grief is real
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LadyGreenEyes964 Take note, listeners - in this crazy world, with all of the hurt, look at the outpouring of caring, from strangers, to one another. You are not alone! Other people do care, and God cares, as well. Hold on. Look for the good. Shine a little light for the next hurting person.
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David Harrison first class song and video .
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PUBG Noob Gravis I dedicate this song to me for all the struggles that I had trying to open the packaging of newly bought scissors.
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Yasmin McEwen The magnitude of silence is what you get from me when you're lying. So many lies. Love this song! Sometimes all you can do is hold on.
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Team Shot Hero I wish I went to business school
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