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Josephson Ognita Barney The Purple Dinosaur from Barney and Friends is SUPER MEGAFORCE awesome!
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Arik Hartnett (2008): 26:13 Italian News Man: The Reluctant Dragon: A Fairy Tale Adventure is a Disaster. Boss! Mr. Krabs: Spongebob, What's the matter with the camera. Spongebob: I Don't Care. Camera Sad. Sheryl Leach: NOOOOOOOO! Me Show is cancelled FOREVER!!!! Security!!!! French Security: Tenderheart Call 8-2-2. Tenderheart: 8-2-2, Barney and Friends season 12 has been a Broadcasting Bomb! Police: We Will be Right Over! (Police Siren arrives at Universal Studios) Barney, you are under arrest for the failure of Season 12. Tenderheart: do Not arrest him, just blame him. Police: All Right Tenderheart, but one more season. Tenderheart: (to Police) Yes. (to Barney) we have cancelled plans for new episodes for season 14. after the 13th season, your show is cancelled (2017): Max: Look, Petrie, Barney's Back. Petrie: Barney is Alive!!! 29:00
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Josephine Gil Candy Vegetables Blue
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David Coleman This premiered the same day as the premiere of The Suite Life On Deck
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kiratnini Tracy Victoria Lennox II from body China Anne McClain
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Abbi Lockard Friends are special, so important they make the world go round. We like helping one another in school or on the playground. Friends are there to help each other when one is feeling sad. Being friends is very special, be a friend and you'll be glad. Being friends is very special, be a friend and you'll be glad
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Next Bruno Mars My friend was in Barney
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Liz Likes to Procrastinate Why am I here I'm in the 8th grade
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Micheal Suber "k l ?
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Jarrett Spurlock Me Too!
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