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Hannah Stocking I’ve been waiting for you all to see this project!! I hope you love it!!! Thank you Poo Bear, Justin Bieber and Jay Electronica for letting me create this for you!!
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Rhea Mohabir I love Lele and Inanna in the background😂
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Fay Mykonos omg the best music video i ever seen it is amazing hannah
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Rasmus Lundsgaard Its a hit gongrations i Think you chancel Will grow higer so dont stop now😊
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Angelina S 1:48 friendship goals
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Kiyani Robinson Lele had to spit in his face lol😂😆
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Salma Zahour i liiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiik it
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Sienna Gebhardt 100Million view???? And only 4 million subscribers *Come on* this girl needs more respect!? ¿¿
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Aisha Qureshi Twan is so handsome and u are beautiful hannah
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Ashiko Komatsu Plus de vues que l'original 😂😂
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