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FilmSelect Trailer Here is the first trailer for The Lego Movie 2
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Zaylen Alexander Honestly can people stop saying this movie is gonna have political stuff like that’s gonna be the plot. The LEGO movie was never strictly for one gender anyways
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Brazul Blint Thanks for exposing your over used feminist agenda humor in the trailer so I didn't have to spend money to go painfully groan. Seriously, sometimes when they make fun of males it strikes me funny but not only is it so old and in every SINGLE movie, but you didn't evem make it interesting. You may as well have had anita sarceesian come out and read from a script "men are bad and women are good" just painfully interrupt the movie with a line like that. Go ahead. No meed to tell a story or design characters, just tell us how much we suck.
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Brazul Blint LOLOLOLOL MEN ARE STUPID AND WOMEN ARE SUPER RELIABLE WARRIORS! I'VE NEVER SEEN THAT JOKE BEFORE!!! Just kidding, this feminist agenda humor is so over used it makes me physically gag when they drop them on me anymore. Nkt gonna watch this or any movies anymore, all they want to do is make sure every child jnderstands men are useless morons and it makes me sick. -_- I can't ignore it 800,000 times. It's soooo old! I don't even care about the agenda they're trying to push, push away! Just don't do it like you're reading from a feminist textbook, TELL A FLIPPIN STORY! GIVE YOUR SUPER MEGA WOMAN GODDESS SOME PERSONALITY! THAT'S YOUR BLOODY JOB!
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Cody Hyzims 0:57 What music is this I want to know
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zain ali Waiting
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Shark Tastic YO
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Lucky Litten Dear lord....what happened to my precious positive little unikitty.
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Adewale Umbeteweawea Bois here's a dope theory I just came up with thanks to my ketamine fuelled 7 hour drive across Missouri, are you ready for this? The kid and daddy Will Ferrell played with that Lego then the sister came along and that stuff goes on for a bit and during this time the whole set is completely broken before the kids leave to go to college or grow out of Lego or something and then Will Ferrell just boxes it up then it's many years later irl and the kid with his kids come down and play with it all for a while and rebuild and stuff and the kids bring their own toys and that's why all this is happening Edit: also when they go into space the Lego is just being moved or some bull idk anymore
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The Haiku I remember hearing that hello from something else.
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