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Tags : The Notorious B.I.G. ,One More Chance ,Rap/Hip Hop ,
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reggaecan Happy Birthday, Biggie. Much love from Japan!!!!
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Charlene Maynard Happy Birthday Biggie!!!
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Rj Osler RIP Aaliyah RIP Heavy D RIP Craig Mack And we will always love Big Poppa.❤ I always wanted to be in this video. I wanted my moment to walk through the door in Hype William's classic production.
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Tara Mensah Happy birthday it’s our birthday Christopher 😚 only Chris we acknowledge
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minnie Mullins Happy birthday big
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Chris Ayala His wife was so beautiful
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Jacob I had to look up Allen Kopet to see what the fuck he was talking about. Some lyric writer had it as "Island Carpets"...WRONG!! Allen/Kopet is a law firm. LOL! This fat man was ahead of his time. Pure genius.
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Lester davis jr Martin - baby baby baby bought me here
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genni ferrante I prefer much more the album version
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Lacy Baby They done turned a whole apt building into a damn club.
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