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Chasity Daniel Do you have a facebook?
Suka · Balasan · Mar 8th yang lalu
cathy thomas Checking in. I know you are going through a lot. Just wanted to say love ya.
Suka · 1 Balasan · Dec 6th yang lalu
MEAMELT Prayers & Blessings to you and your family. Stay strong.
Suka · 1 · Balasan · Nov 14th yang lalu
Bradley Birnbaum I think your recent issues may be related adhesions related to the hysterectomy or the DS. Hysterectomies are notorious for painful adhesions in the abdomen or pelvic area. There are numerous adhesion barriers your surgeon could have used but most probably didn't. Adhesions are the dirty little secret all surgeons know about but rarely discuss, Interceed is one barrier that has been FDA approved for pelvic surgery. Check your operatory report,
Suka · 1 · Balasan · Nov 11th yang lalu
Brian Silva Glad to see you're still kicking. Sorry you're having to go through so much crap. Stay strong! No matter what life throws at you, you're going to kick it's ass.
Suka · Balasan · Nov 11th yang lalu
Eva Madrigal I am sad to hear the news. I pray you get better. Theres major crap in the family going on here.life is cruel sometimes.i wish i could text you
Suka · Balasan · Nov 10th yang lalu
Renae Hozak You have more support than you know. You have had an impact on so many lives and you are in the hearts of so so many. Keep fighting and tap into the good energy flowing your way.
Suka · Balasan · Nov 10th yang lalu
Corina Streahorn Loves Life Hey dearheart... Not to worry cancer can be beaten. I'm now 9 years out from uterine cancer. I did have a total hysterectomy, but unlike yours I had no other option. Glad to see your face has gone down from how swollen you were, and perhaps it is due to those vitamins, keep em coming. You are in my thoughts, hugs and love xoxoxo
Suka · 1 · Balasan · Nov 8th yang lalu
Karen Kenney I'm so sorry you have to deal with this crap :( I'm praying for you and your mom, stay strong, you will beat this cancer! Love you lady
Suka · Balasan · Nov 8th yang lalu
Switched Rican Janine, sorry to hear that your going through all this and all that you have been through. Will keep you on my prayer list. You are one strong lady and you can kick that cancers behind. You are going through so much you don’t need to apologize for not being able to do any other videos. You have to take care of yourself as priority we will still be here to support you whether you post frequent videos or not. You got this you are a warrior. God Bless
Suka · Balasan · Nov 8th yang lalu